Saturday, December 15, 2007

Sister Swap - Part II

"2007 is almost over. Why wait until next year?" (Erik, my yoga teacher)

This has been a busy week: work, a freelance editing project, some entertaining--oh, and Christmas preparations. We got our tree up and other decorations out, made the first batch of Tom and Jerrys, and got all the out-of-town presents mailed.

On the Christmas theme, here are the holiday-themed goodies from the second package in the Sweet Goodness Sister Swap. My swap partner, Christy, has been busy with some writing projects, too, so it's amazing that she made me all this cute stuff (and she says she's not good at tags. Aren't those cute?)

This wreath is wrapped in pretty silver ribbon and decorated with silver star mini picture frames. Christy thoughtfully put four frames for our future family with Sam and Sophie. It's on our front door.

Christy is spoiling me with all this gorgeous sock yarn, this a German blue/brown stripe. The brand is Regia. She also included this darling handmade Christmas pincushion and some new pins, which is desperately needed, and two fat quarters of Christmas fabric. Thank you, Christy, for your generosity.
Since the theme was swags, I sent Christy one of my felt leaf garlands. My package was more in the Thanksgiving theme, and according to Christy, the best-loved item was the Wicked wristband for her daughter.
I also want to thank all the new people who have visited my blog lately. I think some of you came over from Jill's "Celebation of Traditions." (It's always fun to watch the Google Analytics spike after someone metions me on their blog!) Thanks for all your sweet comments about our cooking baking, and everyone's continuing sensitivity and prayers about our adoptions. I know it's considered good blog etiquette to respond to comment, but unfortunately Blogger doesn't allow me to email you back unless you set it up that way. But know that I apppreciate every single comment--and I understand when people don't have time to comment either. Just thanks for reading!

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