Thursday, December 20, 2007

Time to make the toffee

"I will not leave you comfortless/I will not leave you alone. I am the air you breathe in/I'm the light in every star/and every dawn." ("I Will Not Leave You Comfortless, Jan Phillips)

Today was my last day at work before the Christmas break, so that means I was up making toffee last night. It's become a tradition for me to give some of my homemade toffee to all my co-workers, and some people (Fran!) started asking about it weeks ago. The only good thing about all the downsizing in our department (at a meeting yesterday it was starkly shown that we went from 20 employees to 13 in just four years--yet we produce even more products) is that I didn't have to make as many batches!

I also regularly give toffee to some others on my list, and this year I duplicated this cute container, which I had made last year for my women's group friends. I started with a paper star box, spray painted it silver, stamped stars, swirls, and the word "Believe" on it, trimmed it with blue ribbon, filled it with toffee, wrapped the whole thing in tulle, and attached a star ornament out of blue felt and hand-beaded. Aren't they pretty?

I delivered these today to the family they're going to, and distributed all my little bags of toffee to co-workers. I'll probably make a few more batches to take to my sister's and to Philadelphia, but the two-batches-a-night candy factory is closed! People think it's so hard, but really if you have a candy thermometer, it's really quite simple. Check out the recipe here. (I used Hershey's dark for the chocolate.)

So I'm off work until January 3--almost two weeks. I've got two days to finish my Midwest Christmas gifts, and then until the 27th to finish my Philadelphia ones. It's do-able, but I'm going to have to be really productive these next two days. Wish me luck!


Di said...

Good luck!! I think the toffee boxes look great! Have a fabulous holidays!! it's my last day at work today - yippee!!

Merry Christmas!

Lucy said...

The toffee is great--I made your recipe last year! My candy factory is still open...LOL...geesh will it ever end? Have a great trip and wishing you luck on completing everything ahead of schedule so you can enjoy your time.

LUCKY GIRL with 2 weeks off!!!

Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Heidi, the boxes are beautiful and the star ornament is really pretty. I looked in the can of toffee you gave me about a week ago and discovered that there are only a few pieces in the can. You were really stingy with it this year. Or could someone in the house have gotten into it? Like your dad for instance?

Love, Mom

Rebecca said...

Your packages are lovely! And I'm sure the toffee is to do for, it's definately one of my favorites. :)

Have a wonderful holiday dear friend!

Rebecca said...

Your packages are lovely! And I'm sure the toffee is to do for, it's definately one of my favorites. :)

Have a wonderful holiday dear friend!

Heidijayhawk said...

i totally wish that i worked with you!!

Sue said...

Luck! The boxes are gorgeous. I'm in the midwest, so does that mean I get one, too? ;-) Blessed wishes for a joyous and merry Christmas, Heidi.