Sunday, January 13, 2008

Year in review

"And now let us welcome the new year full of things that have never been." (Rainer Marie Rilke)

Remember how I made my sister the Jesse Tree this year because she made one for me but didn't make one for herself? These few leftover Christmas photos include one of something I made for her several years ago and never made for myself (though I have all the materials). Maybe that will be one of my craft goals for the year. But before I set new ones, let's see how I did on the ones I set last year. I had a lot of them:

Craft goals:

1. Master how to knit socks. (I wouldn't say "master" but I'm on my third pair!)

2. Make enough recycled purses to sell at a fall craft fair. (Woo-hoo! Major success here. Sold almost 30 at St. Gertrude St. Nick Fair.)

3. Open etsy shop and sell purses or other items there. (Yup. I've sold more felt scraps than actual crafts though. Still, goal accomplished--even though my shop is empty right now.)

4. Knit sweaters, make clothes for Sam and Sophie. (Made lots of baby sweaters for other babies, but nothing for S&S.)

5. Continue to make gifts for friends and family. (Yes, we had a very handmade Christmas this year.)

6. Participate in swaps as I feel comfortable. (Mostly the Sweet Goodness swaps, which I've really enjoyed.)

7. Continue thrifting. Maybe sell some thrifted stuff on ebay. (I've really embraced thrifting but haven't done tons of selling. Some though.)

8. Knit from yarn stash as much as possible to try to get it to a manageable, storable size. (I've done OK on this and recently reorganized my stash. Need to do a little more to make it all fit though.)

Decorating goals:

1. Finish Ed's bathroom: new sink, toilet, paint, shower curtain. (Done! Thanks to Ed.)

2. Decorate nursery. (Gave up on this. I'm now packing away all the baby stuff. We need our study back.)

3. Organize desk area in bedroom. (Did, but am now moving it back to the study.)

4. Organize craft supplies, especially yarn stash. (Did, but a never-ending project, it seems. Time for a good clean-out.)

Blogging goals:

1. Convert to Blogger Beta. (Did. Not so scary.)

2. Learn how to do custom banner. (Yes, and part of major "re-branding" of Spiritual Knitter!)

3. Make categories. (Came with new Blogger. Need to go back and categorize old posts, though.)

4. Merge "Spiritual Decorator" with "Spiritual Knitter." (Haven't done yet.)

5. Resume "Spiritual Bookworm." (Oops. Not so good at this one.)

6. Continue blogging. (I'm not an everyday or even a super-regular blogger, but I keep up pretty regularly, or try to.)

Not too bad. I'll try to post some 2008 goals before January is over! (Gratuitious holiday photo: Handknit stockings, mine from a woman my grandmother had knit them for us 30-some years ago; Clare's from my mom who copied the pattern and has made them for everyone in our family.)

** Thanks to Jassman at Follow Your Bliss for the quote. She also is encouraging bloggers to pick one word to focus on in 2008. I'll try to think of one for the post with my new goals.


Jill said...

Lots of great goals! Hope your new year is full of happiness!

Felicia said...

Looks like you accomplished a lot of your goals :)