Monday, February 18, 2008

February happenings

"Important principles may, and must, be inflexible." (Abraham Lincoln)

Happy Presidents' Day, everyone. It's not an official holiday at Aurora University, where I had my first day today. Light traffic, probably because of the holiday. I mostly just filled out HR forms and got my computer and phone set up. My class doesn't start for another few weeks.

I had a three-day weekend between jobs, and spent it at my parents' in Wisconsin, with my sister's family, too. We celebrated the February birthdays: I made a felt-covered journal for my niece (inspired by Paper and String, one of my favorite felt blogs). I have a lot of those felt letters left from the Jesse Tree, so I'll be personalizing lots of things. We had a fun weekend with the family and played lots of games: Delmuti , Cranium, and Pass the Bomb.

I started a scarf for my brother-in-law (above). My sister suggested something conservative, so I decided to use this brown/blue/grey sock yarn from a swap partner in a cool "woven" pattern. I didn't realize it would curl at the ends, so if that doesn't block out, I may have to figure out some way to fix it. It's on size 3 needles, but I already have about a foot done, so I hope to finish it before winter is over.

While in Wisconsin, Ed, my sister and I went cross-country skiing. It was just like old times for me and Amy, complete with a bota bag of red wine! We went to Menomonee Park, which was really nicely groomed. The weather was great too. Ed and I hope to go back in March if there's still snow.

Another February happening: Chinese New Year. Ed and I braved sub-zero wind chills to see the parade. See photos at our adoption blog.

Last but not least, I said goodbye after nine years at U.S. Catholic. (That's a picture of my office, before the big clean-out!) I didn't realize how sad it would be to pack up nine years of my work life. I threw a lot out, but I still had a lot of crap (now stored in our study/future nursery). I have a nice but temporary office at AU, so I won't be moving too much there very soon. On my last day (the 14th) I brought doughnuts and bagels for the whole company. There were quite a few tearful goodbyes. I made a lot of friends there, and did a lot of good work. I will miss it.

In the midst of all this, Valentine's Day kind of got lost. I didn't even see my "sweetheart" since Ed had class that night. I did have a drink with my friend Jane after work. She reminded me that when I taught her class for a semester about 10 years ago, I told her that I hated it and would never do it again! I hope I like it better this time around.


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear your first day went OK. When do you go to Aurora again? Do you go in everyday? I just found out I have to pick up 90 stitches on one side of the cardigan I am knitting, 40 across the back and another 90 down the other front. I hope my needles are long enough. Dad had the shots to his back today--he must feel OK, went playing poker tonight. I need to get the purple sweater posted on my blog.

Love, Mom

Rebecca said...

Happy first day! :) I know you're going to be wonderful!

Suggestion for the scarf, how about a simple row of crochet all the way around to make it lay down? Sometimes that works. I usually knit in a seed stitch border on scarves but they still curl sometimes.

Di said...

Congratulations on starting your new job! I hope that you really enjoy it!!

The weather looks beautiful for cross country skiing and I love that there was red wine involved!!

Lucy said...

That would have been sad leaving behind your old work life and people you've had such a close relationship with, but you'll have that again as this new 'chapter' unfolds in your new role.

What classes are you teaching??

Heidijayhawk said...

love the color of the scarf. my brother would l ike one just like it. good luck on your new path.

mo said...

Good luck with the new job- that is a pretty big deal to leave a place after 9 years. I still have those Martha Stewart kids magazines for you- I emailed you a few weeks ago for your address - if you want them, just email me with where to send them and I will get them in the mail! Better late than never!!