Friday, February 29, 2008

Oh baby

"Consult not your fears, but your hopes and your dreams." (Pope John XXIII)

I knit this little hat for a special baby across the pond. I was so moved my Manda's story of her difficulties getting and staying pregnant and was heartwarmed by the support she received throughout blogland. I missed her shower-by-mail, but hope this gets to her in time to fit little Miss Lily.

I've knit this simple hat before (I think it's from One Skein) and out of this same yarn (Bernat Cottontots). It's quick and cute for little girls. I've got lots of baby knitting to do: there's a shower for my friend Kaycee next month, and my friend Bridget is also due soon. I may do a teddy bear for Bridget's little boy, and a sweater for Kaycee. My friend and former co-worker Kevin's wife is also due in April, so another teddy bear might be in order. I'm going to try to do as many baby gifts as possible from my stash. Plus I'd still like to do a stuffed rat for myself.

I hope to get a bunch of knitting done this weekend, since my sister and I are heading up to northern Wisconsin to visit my grandma. She's doing better and has been moved to a nursing home, and the doctors are now saying nothing is imminent. She's a fighter, that's for sure!


Di said...

I love the hat and I am sure Lily will too! I have made it a couple of times before - is it the one from Last Minute Knitted Gifts?

I am in knitting mode for friends having babies too! One just arrived this morning!

Perrine said...

I really like it, it is very cute. baby won't be cold !