Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Spring flowers

"The hand-knit sweater is superior to the machine-knit, not because it is more perfect, but on the contrary because its slight imperfections reveal it to be hand-knit." (American writer Mary McCarthy, Knitting: History, Fashion and Great Knitting Yarns)

It's been awhile since I posted an actual knitted finished object, but here you go! It's the Daisy sweater from Yarn Harlot, knit in a pretty peach wool (Joann's store brand, on clearance for $2-something a skein) with the cutest purple daisy buttons and purple and cream backstitched daisies (thanks, Mom, for the yarn).

Since I don't do multiple color knitting yet, this is the most decorative sweater I've ever knit and I love it! (Usually I just do solid color ones; in fact, I knit this sweater in light blue for my friend D'Arcy's little boy William). This one is in the middle size, which is supposed to be 6 month, but it looks a little large. Little Jovie (our neighbor's daughter) might not be wearing it until next fall.

It will be awhile before there are spring flowers in Chicago these days. We got a couple inches last night, so I decided to stay at my sister's in Aurora, rather than try to drive home to Chicago. I did my first snow shoveling of the season when I helped out with the driveway this morning. (Condo owners pay someone to shovel their walk!) It wasn't bad with three people shoveling. And it actually looks pretty with a fresh covering of white on all the trees.

I did get some beautiful flowers yesterday at work (photo of my new, although temporary, office for those who are interested): these gorgeous pink calla lilies were delivered from my sister-in-law Trish to congratulate me on my new job. She is so thoughtful with stuff like that. Thanks so much, Trish. Nothing like pink flowers to cheer you up at the end of February.


Anonymous said...

Yay!! I love having you so close :) Thanks for helping with the shoveling. Sorry I fed you leftovers! Come again soon. Love, Amy

Di said...

I love the little sweater - the purple flowers are just great!

I wish we had had snow - we have had none this winter and I miss it!!

Rebecca said...

The sweater is lovely! I still haven' tried that pattern but really want to.

Lovely flowers, too! Hope work is going well. :)

Sue said...

The sweater is lovely!! My husband laughed at me when I said I had had enough shoveling (apparently not as much as he -- ha!)