Sunday, February 24, 2008

Thfity Loot: Catching up

"When starting to practice, be eager like a deer trapped in a pen seeking to get out. In the middle be like a farmer during harvest not waiting for anything. In the end be like shepherd who has brought the flock home." (Dalai Lama, How to See Yourself as You Really Are)

Does Spiritual Knitter still hit those great Chicago thrift stores and estate sales? I know you've been wondering! I haven't posted any thrifty loot lately, in part because our camera always seems to act up when I want to take pictures, and in part because I've just been lazy in posting them. Also, it is true that I tried to cut back a bit, since our house is getting rather full of stuff. During the holidays, I really tried to focus on moving stuff OUT rather than IN.

Also, after the big parish craft fair in early December, I took a break from making sweater purses, so the need to thrift wool sweaters diminished somewhat--though I still pick up a few every time I'm at the thrift stores. Anyway, here are some finds from a visit back before Christmas to the Village Thrift.

Brand new wool Notre Dame hat in small size. I think this was $2. A leaf table runner: I'm a sucker for anything leaf motif'd.

I'm not sure what these fabric square are, maybe pillow covers. But I liked the cardinals on a corduroy background. I picture cutting them up and making them into something Christmasy. Most stuff like this at the Village is 40 cents or no more than $1.

Fabric from the linen department: kitchen themed placemats, a blue floral drapery panel (I love thick decorator fabric for purse linings), two pieces of fall-colored stripes.

I needed a pie plate and this vintage Corning one reminded me of the baking dishes my mom used to have (still has?). It was less than $1. And that cute mug!

A few Christmas textiles: the background is pillowcase with a vintage print, I think it is newish. Plus two Christmasy aprons, including one from a towel. My apron collection is really growing. I swear, aprons at the Village are usually 40 or 90 cents.

I did hit an estate sale this weekend and will share those photos later this week. Plus, stayed tuned: an acutal knitted Finished Object! I can't wait to share: it's adorable!

Finally, prayers or good thoughts would be appreciated for my 96-year-old grandmother who went in the hospital this week with congestive heart failure. It doesn't look good, although she has rallied so many times before, who knows? My sister and I hope to get up to Wisconsin to visit her in the next week or so, just in case it's the last time we get to see her. She was a home ec teacher and I'm sure I get many of my crafty genes from her.


Sarah and Jack said...

:-( Poor grandma, she will be in my thoughts this week.

(Did you start the new job this week?)

Beth said...

I'm praying for your grandma and for your family.

Heidi said...

Your sweet Grandma! I will say a prayer for her that she'll be comfortable and for you that you'll find peace, no matter how things end up.

Love the cardinals. :)

Pat K said...

Now, don't get me started wanting to go to thrift shops. I'd start loading up on stuff I really don't need. There will be prayers for your grandmother. As you know, my 91 yr old MIL is in a care center, and we are thinking that it is time for a move to hospice. So you will be in my thoughts as well. Blessings!

Rebecca said...

Bigs hugs for your Grandma! I'll keep her in my thoughts.

The cardinal fabric squares are placemats I think. They are from Target, I have one and I think I got it maybe 3 years ago? I put it in the center of my coffee table at Christmas with some candles on either side. I can't wait to see what you turn them into!

vintagechica said...

Thinking of your grandma Heidi!

And I am so jealous of your thrifty finds. I have not found anything here in Virginia Beach that even comes close to a VV. That is probably what I miss most about living in WI. I do NOT miss shoveling the snow though (wink).