Friday, March 21, 2008

Good Friday

"Each of us needs an opportunity to be alone, and silent, to find space in the day or in the week, just to reflect and to listen to the voice of God that speaks deep within us." (Cardinal Basil Hume)

I had good intentions of going to the annual Good Friday Walk for Justice in downtown Chicago, but as the snowflakes kept falling this morning, I wimpped out. I also have some papers to grade. I had my second class last night and am so impressed with my students. I really am lucky to be teaching "non-traditional" students rather than typical undergrads. They are so much more motivated.
So instead I am having a quiet day at home: finally got these felted mittens (see them unfelted here) out in the mail to my sister-in-law, whose birthday was almost two months ago. I've got some sweaters felting in the washing machine. I hit the motherload of good colors of wool sweaters at the thrift store last weekend, so I'm hoping to have a bunch of pastels and brights in my shop soon. If anyone has a request for a special order of a particular color, let me know before I put all my packages together.
We are having dinner with our new neighbors this evening. And on Easter Sunday our friends Karen and Jeff are hosting a huge group of 11 adults and 5 kids, four of whom are adopted. We are lucky to have such amazing community here in Chicago.


Di said...

It sounds like you will be having a good weekend with good friends! Me too! After a quiet couple of weekends i am looking forward to time with friends visiting and here! We have girls shopping tomorrow afternoon, a gang get together with friends in the evening probably eating good food and playing Wii and then Sunday will be another afternoon get together with friends and babies!! Wow - I'll be needing a rest on Monday!

Have a happy Easter!!

Sue said...

Enjoy your Easter weekend, Heidi. Your felted mittens are great. My daughter's teacher is making them with their class and they are really looking nice. She also adds a little elastic at the wrist in the inside, which makes them even more warm! Blessings and peace to you and yours. said...

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Heidijayhawk said...

i am in love with the color of those mittens! lucky gal! hope you guys had a great easter!