Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Easter!

"If Christ is risen, then nothing else matters. And if Christ is not risen, then nothing else matters." (Church historian Jaroslav Pelikan)

We had a lovely Easter dinner at friends Karen and Jeff's yesterday. It was a wonderfully ecclectic group of friends, with an assortment of cute kids. As Ed said, "Nothing says Easter like a bunch of Jews, ham, and Ethiopian children!" (A couple of our friends at this dinner are culturally Jewish.) I made the Guinness Chocolate Cake again; that's Mesvin (sporting his new Obama haircut) gobbling some down some cake.

This is Jeff's daughter Maggie, visiting from St. Louis, with baby George, the son of friends Mark and Michelle from St. Gertrude's Church. Karen and Mark are friends from way back. (I brought bunny ears for all the kids, but we adults ended up wearing them and looking somewhat like Playboy bunnies!)

That's Karen and Mari, plus Matt (another church friend) with some of the food spread. The ham was cooked with mango and onions, the mashed potatoes had something special in them (can't remember what), as did the broccoli (again, can't remember). My favorite was a kugle made with cauliflower. So yummy. Jeff gets most of his recipes from Desert included a lemon curd cheesecake, pear tart and my chocolate cake.
This is Matt's wife, Bridget, and their newly adopted son Dawit, who just arrived from Ethiopia a month ago. Dawit, Mari and Mesvin love playing together. And it turned out that we had a bunch of friends in common: Matt used to live with my friend Megan when he worked for ICTC, plus he studied to be a Jesuit and knows my friend Lourdes. I love those "small world" moments, especially in a city as big as Chicago.
My only Easter crafting and/or decorating was a knitted Easter egg from this pattern, which I made for my sister and forgot to take a picture of. I'd like to make some more in pastel colors, plus some knitted carrots (possible patterns here and here), to hang on my white feather tree next year. With Easter so early this year, I just missed the ball on crafting and decorating for the holiday. Luckily, the true Easter season lasts until Pentecost, so I have until early June to get my Easter crafting done!


Di said...

Sounds like a lovely Easter Day - we too had group lunch with 3 children and 6 nationalities amongst the 13 guests!!

Happy Easter!!

Handi Dandi Mandi said...

I think it sounds like you had a wonderful Easter!

Anonymous said...

Even with pink bunny ears, trying to imagine Ed as a Playboy Bunny is impossible.

Glad your Easter was so hoppy!