Saturday, March 08, 2008

Harvest gold

"There is only one thing necessary: to be what God wants us to be." (Thomas Merton)

Remember the popular '70s color Harvest Gold? It was the color of our kitchen growing up: Harvest Gold appliances, linolium floor, and this cool wallpaper with gold drawings of clocks, rootsters (and what else? Help me, Mom and Amy). Well, I've been busy with Harvest Gold lately. First, I finished knitting the Scandanavian Felted Mittens for my sister-in-law Kremena. Next time I stay at my sister's, I'll felt them and get them in the mail to her--just in time for spring! She requested this color, to match her handbag. I worked on these during the drive to Rice Lake last weekend.

I'm not a big cook, but I do like homemade soups, and I made this Harvest Gold-colored one this week for our church's simple supper night Wednesday. The adoptive parents group was in charge of the food. I love that there are so many adoptive parents in our parish. This is Winter Squash Soup from The New Basics (one of my favorite cookbooks. Love their carrot cake, too). It has butternut squash, acorn squash, carrots and onions, all roasted then pureed into soup. Yummy!

I think it's funny that I ended up painting my house a shade of harvest gold (Benjamin Moore's Dorset gold--and my sister chose the exact shade, too, for her family room). I took this photo of my hallway, then realized it showcased an empty frame (I've filled two of three with photos from international travel: India and Ethiopia). I've been meaning to do the third with either Israel or Bosnia.

More empty frames. I got these on clearance at Target (notice the orange stickers) and was planning to put photos from Vietnam and China there. I think they've been hanging there empty for over a year. I tend to be a very slow, "in process" decorator.

**Yesterday was my husband's 40th birthday. We celebrated with an awesome dinner at Dorado, a cool Mexican/French fusion restaurant, compliments of a gift certificate from Tom and Kremena (so cool that we could only get a reservation at 5 p.m. We felt like senior citizens!) I had scallops and Ed had this amazing fish. They brought a dessert of apple fritters and ice cream with a candle but didn't sing. (Ed doesn't like to be the center of attention) Then we headed to Warren Park to go ice skating but learned that they had closed for the season. So it was home for an interesting but rather depressing movie, Half Nelson. We've been watching a bunch of movies about teaching lately. I got married when I was 40, and I know Ed has many new exciting changes in his life for this decade to come, too. My 30s were better than my 20s, and so far my 40s have been the best! Happy birthday, honey. You're as precious as gold to me (how's that for a connection?)


Anonymous said...

Harvest gold was NOT the color of our kitchen growing up--it was YELLOW. Don't you remember the yellow refrigerator? The yellow cooktop? The yellow wall oven? The floor was yellow and brown. Nice mittens. I brought along some mittens to felt, the red ones with the cables and bobbles only to find out that this condo has a front-loading washer and I can't felt them. I amy go to a friend. I did finish another Aran baby sweater for the TYME Out Youth Center's auction. Started it last Tuesday and finished it today (Tuesday). I wish I knew how many of those I have made over the years. We are still suffering colds, bronchitis and ear infection, but at least we don't have to shovel.
Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

The floor was yellow and brown--with a small burn hole underneath the kitchen table--but it wasn't Aunt Pat!!

Victoria said...

Sigh, I LOVE Harvest Gold. Maybe because I can't consciously remember that far back, but it always makes me feel cheerful. Thanks for the quote, it lines up a lot with stuff I've been thinking about lately.