Friday, March 14, 2008

My second family

"To love means to stay with." (Clarissa Pinkola Estes)

I'm lucky enough to have two families: first, my parents and sister; and then the Misiewiczs, with whom I lived for awhile when I was in college and who are now like a second family to me. Kevin and Kathy (above, celebrating their anniversary) are very involved with Worldwide Marriage Encounter, and have eight children (Kassie, Kristi, Kaycee, Kaz, Kelley, Kory, Kregg and Kayla) and bunches of grandchildren. They are two of the most generous loving people I know, and have really been great examples of a deeply spiritual couple and intentional marriage partners.

Kaz lives in the Phoenix area with his wife, Abril and her son Josh. My parents spend the month of March in Arizona and often hang out with the Misiewiczs while Kevin and Kathy are down there for spring break. Last week they celebrated Kevin and Kathy's birthdays and their anniversary at a party at Kaz's. I'm jealous they all got to hang out without me, but glad they had fun. (Looks like yummy fajitas on the grill!)

I am especially close with the three older daughters: Kassie (who lives in Arkansas), Kristi (who lives in South Bend) and Kaycee (who luckily lives right here in Chicago, as of last year). Kristi is visiting tomorrow with her new baby, Connor, so I'm hoping to get together with her and Kaycee. We always have so much fun just hanging out and catching up.

Knitting content: This white baby sweater (the first time I've knit with Cotton Ease and now I see why everyone likes it so much) is for the next Misiewicz grandchild!


Anonymous said...

Oh Good! Kaz will be so excited that he finally got on Spiritual Knitter!

Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

Thanks Heidi!!! Abril & I are happy to see we made it on your blog. I just realized that this wasn't the first time (you mentioned our wedding last May). I had a wonderful time with your parents and consoling your father over Brett Favre's retirement. GO CUBS GO!!!! Love,
Kaz, Abril & Josh

bk said...

What a treat - spending time with you and kc while eating Indian food for dinner on Saturday (Conrad wasn't as thrilled with the Indian!) Can't wait to see you again in a few weeks. Hope you decide to have a sleepover at our place. :)

xo Kristi

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the honor of being part of your life. Hope the stream of interesting books as gifts continues.

Kevin wonders why you tinted his hair with so much gray!

Praying for the day soon when your tax deductions increase - and your sleep decreases.