Sunday, April 27, 2008

Beaded felt bowl

"Start by doing what's necessary; then do what's possible; suddently you are doing the impossible." (St. Francis of Assisi)

Thanks to Beth, who told me that SWS felts up nicely, I finally had success with the felted bowl. I finished knitting it, ran it through my own front-loader once and let it dry draped over a big pottery bowl we have. Then today I hand-sewed on bunches of clear, sparkly beads. Very cute.

My sister-in-law Trish likes it! It was "Siblings Weekend" here in Chicago, with Ed's sister flying in from Philadelphia and his brother, Tom, driving in from Lexington, Kentucky. We hung out, took a nice long walk around the city and lakefront, had Thai lunch at Penny's Noodles, then dinner at Ethiopian Diamond. Plus lots of just hanging out, chatting and laughing. (And Trish admired my thrifted apron, vintage linen and vintage coat collections.)
Here are the three Butlers: Edmund, Tom and Trish. What a wonderful family I've married into.


Heidi said...

I love the contrast of the nubbly felted yarn with the sparkly beads! What a great project--I bet she loves it!

Di said...

The bowl looks fantastic! I love the fact that you added all that sparkle!

Sounds like you had a great weekend!

Beth said...

I really like the sparkly additions to your bowl. It's very pretty!

Mary Belle said...

So glad you could all be together. The bowl looks great. I don't think I would use it for spaghetti and meat balls though. Wait until you see the bootees from your pattern. Am looking for very tine ball-shaped pink buttons for them. Have another cold. Dad and I celebrated 45 years yesterday. Watched a funny movie Boynton Beach Club (I think it was Club). Just perfect for 45-year anniversary. Also had There Will Be Blood, but didn't think that one was appropriate. Aunt Pat is now going to start a farmers' market in her yard. Has permission from the city, etc. What next? She was thinking about selling her house and starting an alpaca farm. Then tearing down her garage and building one with a dormitory upstairs that she could rent to deer hunters. This all since I got back from AZ. Off to knitting group this afternoon.

Love, Mom

Victoria said...

Ah that bowl is just gorgeous. I am not at all bored with your knitting photos!

Lucy said...

I read you were going to toss the bowl and wanted to run over and stop you....but it's just a little too far ;)

Glad it worked out so well, it's adorable!

Sarah and Jack said...

Hey Heidi,

Can you help me with something?

I was thinking it might be nice to take Jack to one of the beaches there since our trip is a little longer this time. Some place where he can just dig in the sand since it is too cold to swim? (He is dying to build a sand castle, and you can't do that in a sand box very well.)

Can you point in the direction of where we might be able to do that?