Wednesday, April 30, 2008


"He who is drowned is not bothered by the rain." ("Wise saying from the Orient," according to my Good Earth tea bag)

We've been "drowning" a bit here with news and media coverage of the mess that is Vietnam adoption right now. What's being reported is nothing new to those of us who follow this closely, but it is official now that Vietnam will close to adoptions by Americans by September 1. Our agency still expects us to complete our adoption by then, although there are no guarantees. To do that, we would have to receive our referral in the next month, which they also say is on track. We'll believe it when it happens. For all the gory details, see my adoption blog.

Meanwhile, I'm still trying to catch up on various blog-related things, including some very belated thanks yous for generous gifts from blog friends over the past weeks. On the topic of babies, Mo over at Lime Gardenias sent me some old copies of Martha Stewart Baby, which I've heard so much about and hope to be able to put to use with an actual baby someday. She also sent some pretty notecards. A proper thank you will be in the mail to her soon.

Then, I was a winner in Rebecca's "Bag of Goodness" give-away in honor of her first wedding anniversary. She filled a white tiara bag with lots of lovely gifts, including some decorated matchbooks (from the wedding, I bet) and this pretty metal rose ornament, which I already have plans for re-gifting to a bigger rose lover than I.

The box full of treats also included a Stitch 'n' Bitch journal, a vintage Easter card, some cute new cards, a Japanese bookmark, Martha Stewart postcards, the most adorable paper clips (Did you make those, Rebecca?) and a vintage paperback.

Still more: eight skeins of pretty grey yarn (wish I'd had that when I started my brother-in-law's scarf), two packages of vintage red rickrack, a handmade sleeping mask, vintage hankie and recipe-printed cloth napkin. Thank you so much, Rebecca. A little thank-you gift, including a matching pillowcase for her first quilting attempt, is in the mail to her.

Finally, there is one way overdue thank you, and that's to Jennifer at The Felt Mouse, who sent me a New Year's gift of a cute string of lights saying "Happy 2008." I'm knitting her one of these (think of it as a mouse, not a rat) and getting it off in the mail soon.

Finally, Marianne over at Applehead sent me a copy of her first illustrated self-published mini-book, called. I love her artwork and this book is so cute. She just had a baby, so a little hand-knit gift has gone off to her.

Now, back to knitting baby gifts for people I know. Next up: My friend and former co-worker Kevin, whose wife is due soon with their fourth. After that, I think I'm actually caught up--until the next person announces their pregnancy. And once I'm done with my final class of the semester tomorrow night (and grades and graduation), I can start thinking about knitting for my own son, who I hope to be learning about soon.

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mariannealice said...

Thank you so much for the beautiful hat...I'm glad that you enjoyed the zine!