Saturday, April 19, 2008

Handknit baby socks

"God enters the human heart by its own ways: He enters the wise through wisdom. He enters the simple through simplicity." (Oscar Romero, The Violence of Love)

Wow. Sorry to be gone so long. I had two big projects due last week: taxes and a freelance article for this magazine. On top of grading my first set of papers, which weren't as bad as I thought they might be! I've still been knitting--all baby gifts, all the time--but just haven't had a spare moment to post what I've knit.

First up, some baby socks and a little hat for my friend Bridget in Dallas, who is expecting little Liam to join the world any day now. I used this leftover Paton's Katrina yarn in a soft green, which I like for its stretch. The sock pattern is by Diana Soucy from the Spring '97 Knitter's Magazine. Thanks for the pattern, Mom. It's nice to knit a sock so quickly!

In fact, I liked knitting these little socks so much that I knit a second pair for Sam in some leftover blue Patons Katrina (I'm sure the company retired that name after the hurricane). I used a size 3 needle here, so I think they will be too small, since Sam is likely to be closer to a year when we get him. If he can't wear them, at least I'll have a boy baby gift on hand.

Here's the difference in size from using a size 3 needle (blue) to a size 5 (green). Baby socks are a great way to use up leftover yarn. I could see myself knitting up a bunch for my kids (in all that spare time I'll have once I'm a working mother!)

Gratuitous cute baby photo: This is Gabrielle, daughter of our friends Dan and Lin, who we visited for a quick dinner tonight. Isn't she adorable? She's 10 weeks old now. Right after Dan posed her with this knit rat I made for her (because she is 1/2 Vietnamese and was born in the Year of the Rat), she started crying! I hope I haven't created a fear of rodents!

So next week I am going to play catch up on the old Spiritual Knitter blog: I have a bunch of cool things I've received in the mail that I want to share, some swaps, plus more baby knitting and a belated second blog anniversary give-away! Check back next week.


ikkinlala said...

What a cute picture!

Anonymous said...

I love those socks! You know the Knitting thing in August that we go to this year is featuring socks and the theme is Knitting out of the sox. There are prizes for unusual socks. Cute baby. They had baptism today at St. James and we think the little boy Benjamin Diego was adopted. He was so cute. He had little short pants on, looked about 10-11 months old. I feel guilty about my blog--will try to get Dolly to hold still so I can take her picture and put it on the blog.

Love, Mom