Friday, April 25, 2008


"Life is change; growth is optional." (Karen Kaiser Clark)

First rule of felting: Don't use superwash wool yarn; it doesn't felt. I was so excited to knit this felted bowl (pattern here) for my sister-in-law Trish, whose birthday was this week and who's due to arrive in Chicago for a visit tomorrow. So I knit it up last weekend, took it to my sister's during the week, used her top-loading machine to wash it, then forgot it and left it in the washer. So I dashed from work back to her house to discover that it hadn't felted. Once home, I read the label more closely, and while not labeled "superwash," it does say that it is washable. So there is my unfelted bowl, which I promptly tossed.

So I stopped at Michael's on the way home for some nice light blue 100% wool and they don't have one. The Michael's in Aurora has a very limited yarn selection. I should have gone to Hobby Lobby. But the Patons SWS (soy & wool) yarn was the perfect blue, so I bought two skeins and started re-knitting. The only thing is I'm not sure this yarn felts either. But I do see some felted patterns with this yarn on the Patons site, so hopefully it will. Then I'm going to decorate it with clear sparkly beads. I'm hoping it will match Trish's beautiful living room in her "Trinity" Philadelphia house.

If it's works, I should have FO pix by Sunday night.


Beth said...

The SWS felts very easily and quickly. I had to watch it closely when I felted it. It should make a very pretty bowl!

Pat's make it shop said...

I'think It will make a nice bowl,you are very good at felting Patsy'