Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Knitting needles

"Surrender has a lot to do with it, saying 'Yes' to the Big Adventures, not acquiescing or giving up." (Sister Helen Prejean)

The majority of knitting needles I own are from my mom, who passed along doubles of sizes that she had. I've bought a few, especially circular ones in sizes I needed. So when I saw an ad a few months ago for an estate sale that promised "rooms full of yarn and other knitting supplies," I was sure to get there early. A lot of the yarn was acrylic and most was gone by the time I got in, but I found a TON of knitting needles in a box in the basement. Most are straight aluminum ones (perfect for the knitter's wreaths I've made!) and almost all matched up. It's great to have some sizes I didn't have before. And isn't that plaid purse cute? I think I paid a couple dollars for all of these. (Photo is of them before the big sort.)

Speaking of knitting needles, I recently was given a really, really nice pair. These aluminum Size 8's are made by Boethe Associates in Racine, Wisconsin, a machine shop that makes steel parts but started making knitting needles on the side. (Great article about the company here.) They are really works of art. While at our neighbor's Cinco de Mayo bbq, I met a woman who was friends with the Boethe family. When she learned what an avid knitter I was, she went out to her car and gave me these. Isn't that sweet? They retail for $24-$28, so it was a really generous gift.

Speaking of works-of-art needles, I bought this pair of hand-carved needles made from "found wood" (either scrap lumber or sticks) from a guy at my parish craft fair last Christmas. They are almost as smooth as the aluminum ones, believe it or not. I have yet to use them, to be honest. They are displayed on my stack of old suitcases/coffee table in my living room. (Pardon the dirty rug I photographed them on.)

I've never knit with the famed Addi Turbos that so many knitters swear by. But these are other favorites: A pair of of metal Size 7's with a kind of plastic coating on them. (Mom, I think you knew the names of theses?) and a pair of beautiful Brittany hardwood Size 8's. Both are from my mom. Incidentally, I store most of my knitting needles standing up in a big flower vase.


Heidijayhawk said...

what a find! i need an estate sale like that! and i love that so many of yours are from your mother. such history!

Di said...

Wow - those are really some beautiful needles! I love them all. I also love when you see old coloured needles stored together!

I too seem to have multiple pairs of needles - several from my mum's collection!