Saturday, May 31, 2008

Women's Group UFO

"Who knows the thoughts of a child?" (American poet Nora Perry)

I have been part of a women's spirituality group for over a decade, and these women are some of the most important people in my life. In fact, I just got back from one member's wedding in California. (That trip partly explains my absence on the blog lately.)

Anyway, the women's group has a reputation for UFOs: Unfinished Objects. We often get together for major life transitions (weddings, children etc.) and do cool rituals that include craft projects that never get done.

Last year, I hosted a shower for Karen who was adopting two twins from Ethiopia. During the shower, each woman drew on a fabric square an image representing what they hoped for Karen's children. I was supposed to embroider them and make them into a wall hanging.

I'm sure Karen thought I had forgotten. Well, tonight was a party for her kids' fourth birthday and one-year anniversary of bringing them home. So yesterday I decided to finally make this thing.

I stitched each symbol (most with basic stem stitch, but check out that satin stitch rainbow!) on the solid color squares.

Then I pieced them together with these coordinating African-themed fabrics (bear in mind that I've never pieced or quilted anything in my life) and quilted them "in the ditch" with a layer of wool blanket.

Then I made three tabs for the top and stitched a back of the solid orange and turned it inside out and finished it like a pillow.

Perhaps my women's group friends can help me remember what all these symbols meant? I know the Ethiopian cross was mine and meant "faith."

I was so excited how this turned out--exactly how I imagined it in my mind. Don't you love when that happens? And it feels good to have this done--finally!


Pat K said...

Amazing, beautiful, wonderful! And now you will have to make more quilts, because this one is obviously a great success.

Anonymous said...

The quilt looks beautiful. I like the fabrics.

Love, Mom

Victoria said...

I love it. So meaningful and love all the pictures and symbols and the lines of the sewing.

Staci said...

Heidi you finished it! I am amazed. It looks fantastic. I really like how you tied it all together. This is better than anything we have done in the past. Now we just need to make one for you! I did the open door symbol. It was about gentle faith in the slow letting go of our children as they grow.

Heidi ( said...

Heidi, That is so lovely. What a sentimental gift, filled with hope and love. You were so sweet to finish it for your friend (and family-who will all treasure it!). I'm going to try to remember this idea, it's wonderful.