Sunday, June 29, 2008

Cupcake cuteness

"I don't want to get to the end of my life and find that I lived just the length of it. I want to have lived the width of it as well." (Diane Ackerman quotes in Simplicity Lessons by Linda Breen Pierce)

I'm a little late to the cupcake craze, in part because I'm not a huge cake fan. But I started making cupcakes for my students on the last day of class, and now that I've done it twice, it's a tradition! Last weekend I went to a wedding shower for Stephanie, who is marrying my husband's friend Jerry this August. She had registered for a cupcake carrier, so I decided to make a dishcloth and dishtowel to go with it. The cupcake dishcloth pattern is from Heather's Craft Room here. And the cupcake embroidery pattern is from Sublime Stitching.

The cupcake carrier, from Crate and Barrel, was so cool that I bought one for myself too! It includes a nonstick pan for baking 12 cupcakes, and then the top "shelf" is plastic, so you need another pan for the other 12. It's nice and light and was only $22 (in the store; it's $25 online). This might be my new favorite wedding gift. I love to give something handmade, but also practical. Those are the cupcakes I took to my last day of class on Wednesday. Woo-hoo!


Heidi said...

Oh, I love me some cupcakes. That knitted cupcake dishcloth is TOO CUTE! I've never seen anything like it. What a fun gift!

Shara said...

I like that knited dishcloth too. Very sweet. I saw a carrier similar to that one at Wal-Mart yesterday. I liked the idea of keeping them in the original pan.

I mailed your Polka Dot Swap package Monday, so I hope it has made it there safely.

Di said...

I love the cupcake carrier! Great idea indeed!

Email me on dianedundee @ yahoo dot co dot uk and we can arrange a little swap - I am sure I can manage 2 little baby blankets if that is what you would like!

Net said...

I totally agree with you about things that are handmade and practical, they are the best kind of gift. Your dishcloth and tea towel are very lovely too!

catieann said...

Hi Heidi
thank you for visiting my blog I love the cupcake holder it is so practical. You dishtowel and cloth are so sweet.
Are you on pins and needles yet for sam?? what is the latest?

roseylittlethings said...

Great gift! I love when a theme happens for a gift, it make it so fun to put together!

Colima said...

Not only do those cupcakes look delish, but I absolutely LOVE the dishcloth with the cupcake pattern on it! I am one of your blog-swap partners and I've enjoyed reading your blog!