Saturday, June 14, 2008

Long time, no see

"If we are facing in the right direction, all we have to do is keep on walking." (Ancient Buddhist proverb)

Sorry to drop off the map there for awhile. We have been busy, not only with our big news, but also with some practical things that have to get done before we're ready to become parents. My husband has been finishing student teaching and working on getting a job for fall. I have been teaching a class this summer and traveling for some freelance projects.

Trip #1 was to Philadelphia for a writer's conference with InTrust magazine for me, while Ed visited his parents and I joined him on the weekend. This is an awful photo of us, but the best we could get. I was trying to get a nice close-up of us to send in a care package to Sam.

Trip #2 was to South Bend for a meeting with Ave Maria Press about a prayer book (with a Notre Dame theme) that I'm working on for them. While there, I stayed with friends Kristi and Brian and their three kids (pictured above).

I did a little knitting while in Philadelphia: finally started (and re-started seven times before I got it right) the Peapod Baby Sweater by Kate Gilbert (Ravelry link, since the pattern is no longer online). It's my first pattern with charts, and boy was I confused for quite awhile. The pattern is not exactly beginner-friendly, either. But I did finish one sleeve, finally. And I'm knitting it in a 18-month size, since I won't have time to knit sweaters once I have two kids!

I also finished the sweater at the beginning of this post, my basic sweater for Sam. This one's of Bernat Bamboo in Linen. So soft! I just need to find some nice buttons for it.

Quote found on Cassi's blog, Bella Dia.


Di said...

Hey! Good to hear all is well and plans are progressing! Big smiles from me!

I think it's a great photo of the 2 of you.

I am not sure I would be brave enough to try the peapod sweater although it is beautiful!

I haven't been knitting much recently - must get into it - a few things that need to be done!

Anonymous said...

Dear Heidi, the sweater looks nice. Is it a top-down? I haven't been doing a lot of knitting with this darn tennis elbow. Have gotten a lot of reading done, though--including The Friday Night Knitting Club.

Love, Mom

Rebecca said...

Oh yeah! I'm so happy for you guys. :) And the sweater looks great! I've been wanting to make the peapod sweater myself, it's so cute! I think I printed out the pattern forever ago though Lord knows where it is! :)

Hey, can you email me with your home address? I checked my list and I seem to only have your old work address written down. :)


Net said...

The little sweater is so sweet - looks lovely and snugly too.

This is the first time I've dropped by your blog, your big news is absolutely fantastic! Congratulations! Becoming a parent is such a life-changing experience, so fulfilling and rewarding and so exhausting! (I have a son called Sam too). Lots and lots of love and best wishes to your brand new family!