Friday, June 20, 2008

To Sam, with love

Dear Sam,

Today your Dad and I sent you your first care package--all the way to Vietnam. We sent you some pictures of us plus a blankie and a teddy bear (knit by me) that we have been sleeping with for a week so that you might get a little used to our smell. We also included a letter to the orphanage director, translated by our friend Linh's dad.

Today your Dad worked hard all day at his kayak job, which is a good thing because the Fed Ex to Vietnam cost $102!!! (Plus we just learned we have a very expensive car repair in our future, but that's another story.)

Next week you will be 8 months old! Maybe our agency's in-country worker will bring you these little gifts by then. I hope you are continuing to grow big and strong.

Love, Mommy

(cross-posted from Dear Sam and Sophie, our adoption blog)


Di said...

What a great care package and I love bear and the fact that you have impregnated (I know this is the correct word but somehow it doesn't seem poetic enough for what you did - filling your bear with your love) him with your smell!

Lucy said...

What a beautiful care package Heidi, I'm sure you and DH can not wait to hold your son in your arms. I'm so excited for you. Do you know when it will be that you can travel to meet him and bring him home?

Jayme Alexis said...

I don't know you or your family, but best Wishes with your adoption process. My parents adopted me as a baby from South Korea...and I always enjoy reading other adoption stories. I grew up with a blessed life and I am sure your kids will too!