Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Homemade jam

"The Holy Spirit puts people in situations to become the people they need to be." (Marianne Williamson, at a talk a few years ago at Transitions Bookstore, Chicago)

Good news: the thing that had me down last week--as many of you may have assumed, another stumble on our adoption journey--is looking up as of today. Still no news as to when we might travel to Vietnam to get Sam, but I'm hopeful we might get travel approval soon.

So while I was depressed, I made some strawberry/blueberry jam. It's the freezer jam recipe, but I put it in jars, because it looks prettier, even though it has to be refrigerated. I gave one to my sister for her birthday and one to a secretary who retired at work and have one for our neighbors. Plus I saved a bunch for myself! I've been having toast mounded with chunky jam for breakfast each morning. Don't worry: I'm still swimming laps to work off all that sugar (even though I used the low-sugar recipe.)

I will be catching up with reports of knitting, crafting and some decorating around the house this week. Thanks again for all your thoughts and prayers last week.


Di said...

Smiles coming from across the pond - for all your endeavours from jam making to family making!

Anonymous said...

It would be nice to give your mother some jam.


Victoria said...

I love the strawberry jam photos - in the jar and in action, lovely.