Thursday, July 24, 2008

Pink and orange

"Ask the Friend for love. Ask him again. For I have learned that every heart will get what it prays for most." (Sufi mystic Hafez)

Sometimes I'm just inspired by certain color combinations, like pink and brown, or pink and green. (Notice a common color there?) Well, recently I was inspired by another "pink and..." thanks to my friend Lourdes' pink and orange color theme at her recent wedding in California. Not only were her invites pink and orange, but she wore pink and orange outfits all weekend, except when she was in one of her two wedding dresses (there were two weddings: one at the church, one at the country club). At the country club, the chairs were arranged in two semi-circles and each was swathed in a white chair cover with either a pink or orange chiffon bow. It was breath-taking.

So I was inspired to create a bunch of pink and orange kitchen goodies as a wedding gift for Lourdes and Jason. And I'm excited to show my very first home-sewn apron. Is this cute or what? I created the pattern by copying a vintage apron from my collection. Both fabrics are from my stash: the plaid is some fabric from a thrift store and the paisley is an old knit pillowcase. I loved it so much that it was really hard to give away.

I used pink bias tape from my stash and did a much better job with it than in my last attempt (a bib about a year ago). Mini white rick rack really accented the colors. I even lined it! I was so proud of myself that I showed it to the first person I could find, my neighbor Michelle. She gushed appropriately, as did Ed when he came home that night. I hope Lourdes likes it!

I rounded out the package with three knit dishclothes: two flowers and one with the "Om" symbol on it (pattern here), since Lourdes is a yoga teacher. Finally, I embroidered on two flour sack towels. I think this will be my standard wedding gift for awhile (for certain brides who appreciated handmade stuff): an apron, dishclothes and dish towels.


roseylittlethings said...

very nice gift! great job on the apron:) Glad you are feeling better this week~

Catherine said...

Beautiful gift and the colors in the apron are fantastic! Very nice!

Anonymous said...

Nice apron. Saturday. A beautiful day on the lake. Tonight is the pontoon rally.

Love, Mom

mo said...

That apron is so pretty! What a very thoughtful bunch of gifts.