Sunday, July 06, 2008

Red, white and blue

"What makes America great has never been its perfection but the belief that it can be made better... Of course, precisely because America isn't perfect, precisely because our ideals constantly demand more from us, patriotism can never be defined as loyalty to any particular leader or government or policy.... We may hope that our leaders and our government stand up for our ideals, and there are many times in our history when that's occurred. But when our laws, our leaders or our government are out of alignment with our ideals, then the dissent of ordinary Americans may prove to be one of the truest expression of patriotism."
(Barack Obama, speech on June 30, 2008 in Independence, Mo.)

Hope everyone had a happy Fourth of July! (I couldn't help but get in an inspirational quote from my favorite patriot and future president.) Ed and I spent part of the holiday at my parents' in Wisconsin, where we enjoyed two full days of fun and sun.

On Friday we volunteered as parade marshals at the Menomonee Falls parade. Two straight hours of telling kids not to run in the street for candy, and yelling at parade participants for throwing candy (sometimes right under the wheels of a car. Nice.) Then we enjoyed the MF fireworks.

Saturday we hung out at the lake, Ed helped my dad with a few projects, then we had burgers on the grill and enjoyed the "amateur" fireworks put on my two guys who live on the lake. It was the longest and one of the best fireworks displays I've ever seen. My dad says the guy spends $20,000 a year on them. Wow. I'm not sure that's how I'd spend an extra $20,000 but at least a lot of people got to enjoy them.

(Ed relaxing on my parents new deck furniture.) The red and blue berries are from a week ago. I actually made baking powder biscuits (rolled out) from scratch and we had fresh berries and half and half over them. Yum! I love summer food.

We came home from Wisconsin on Saturday morning because Ed had to work at the river (and thus missed all the holiday traffic). I spent the rest of the holiday weekend cleaning up the house and finishing some crafting/gifts. I hope to post some FOs later this week.

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Net said...

Yum, those berries look delicious! Glad you had a good holiday. Looking forward to seeing the FO's!