Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Thrifting resumed

"For many years, I was a man riding an ox, looking for an ox to ride on." (Meister Eckhart)

Just because I haven't posted any thrifted goodies, it doesn't mean that I haven't been hitting the thrift stores and garage sales. It's true that over the winter I tried to refrain from bringing any more stuff into our 1,100-square-foot condo in an effort to decrease clutter. Then, after we got our referral in May, I bought plenty of used stuff--mostly baby clothes! (Still need to post some pix of those over at our adoption blog.)

I also still pick up wool and cashmere sweaters whenever I see them cheap, for my own felting projects and to sell in my etsy shop. (I'll be filling my shop this weekend with some fall stuff. Yes, it's time for that already!)

After I've hit the baby clothes and kids' book aisles at the thrift store, I do a quick run down the linen aisle, where I've found the vintage linens in these photos. I love that folksy placemat in the top photo and the maypole and rooster embroidered linens in the second photo. My vintage tablecloth collection is growing, too, with the addition of the fruit one in the above photo. I'm not sure what to do with all these vintage linens, but I can't pass them up since they're usually less than $1.

Finally, some fabric for future projects: a Christmas tree print, red bandana and tan floral print. I find fabric in the linen aisle, but it often takes many forms. Sometimes I find actual yardage (like the Christmas tree print); sometimes it's already made into something (like the red bandana. It looks like a tablecloth, trimmed in lace); or sometimes it's a purchased linen or article of clothing (like the tan floral. It's a napkin.)

More fabric: a red heart print, a black floral scarf (now covering my sewing machine), a red paisley pillowcase, and a red/black feather print. Actually, these all match pretty well!

I'll be better about posting my thrifty finds in the future. I know I love seeing what others find on their blogs. And if you're interested in my luck with baby clothes and kids' books, check out Dear Sam and Sophie soon.


quitecontrary1977 said...

congratulations on soon being a parent! i love thrift store shopping for kids. old-fashioned, well-loved items seem all the more precious! can't wait to see your baby/kid finds!

jen said...

Glad to see your thrifty finds! Love all the fabric!

catieann said...

Hi heidi
I love the swap goodies you received as well as the thrifted items. I have actually been to a few sales this summer but have had lots of company lately. Presently am in small town 'new york' central state area.....visiting our youngest daughter and her family.......for another week.
so peaceful and relaxing
hope you are feeling much much better

Victoria said...

I really enjoyed all these thrift score photos.
p.s. One of your best quotes yet!