Thursday, August 14, 2008

Chinese cherry pie

"A bird does not sing because it has an answer. It sings because it has a song." (Chinese proverb)

Our friends John and Leigh Ann had people over to watch the opening ceremonies of the Olympics in China. We ordered--what else?--Chinese food, and I brought dessert. Ta-da! My first made-from-scratch (even the crust) cherry pie. The cherries, of course, are from our Door County camping trip. I will admit that I didn't pick them myself! I'm pretty proud of how pretty this turned out, with the lattice crust and all. And it tasted pretty yummy, too. I was happy to share it with friends at a party.

The opening ceremonies were awesome. A lot of people in the adoption community have mixed feelings about the Olympics. Some are so frustrated with the long wait for a baby from China and wish the Chinese government would spend more on their orphanages, rather than pyrotechnics to impress the world. Others were proud of the presentation of their future child's culture. I'm more of the latter.

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Di said...

We watched here too with friends! Knitting whilst we went and eating strawberries! Did you hear the pipe band at the ceremony? They were from my city, Dundee, here in Scotland, we were totally surprised as they hadn't been allowed to tell anyone that they were going. They first got an email about it last September after someone from the Olympic organising committee saw them at an event in France - they thought the email was a joke and didn't reply until the second email arrived a month later!