Sunday, August 24, 2008

Thrifty wedding

"Come, walk on the water with me! I'm in the mood for impossible things!" (Macrina Wiederkehr)

Thrifters often like to brag about their "big score." Well, this one isn't mine, but it's worth sharing. My friend Delia, who got married earlier this month to Liam, bought her wedding dress at a thrift store. Isn't it gorgeous (and she looked stunning in it). It was a simple silk Vera Wang dress. The cost: $4.95.

It was a beautiful and meaningful ceremony and nice outdoor reception. Here are what we affectionately call "the men's auxiliary" of my long-time women's group. They are from left Mike (D'Arcy's husband), Tim (Staci's husband), Jeff (Karen's husband), Ed (Suzanne's boyfriend), Ed (my hubby) and Jason (Lourdes' husband). Handsome group of guys, huh?

A shot of Ed and me, since I know my mother-in-law will want to see one!

I just finished their wedding gift and delivered it today. I made a table runner out of this gold drapery fabric. I know it matches their dining room perfectly, because we both have the same color (Benjamin Moore Dorset Gold--which my sister also used) on our walls.

I also stitched some ginkgo leaves on some flour sack dish towels (a hand-embroidered dish towel or two is becoming my new wedding gift). Delia and Liam used the ginkgo leaf as a symbol for their wedding invites and programs because their first kiss was under a ginkgo tree. This quote was on their programs:

This leaf from a tree in the East,
Has been given to my garden.
It reveals a certain secret,
Which pleases me and thoughtful people.
Does it represent One living creature,
Which has divided itself?
Or are these Two, which have decided,
That they should be as One?
To reply to such a Question,
I found the right answer:
Do you notice in my songs and verses
That I am One and Two?
--Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


Heidi said...

That has to be up there on the list of All Time Best Thrifty Scores! Wow, a beautiful wedding dress for 4.95, and a Vera Wang, no less! Unbelievable! You look lovely in your lavender outfit. :)

I think the dishtowels are a great gift--I know I would have loved to receive some for my wedding. The symbolism of the gingko in that poem is really neat!

Lucy said...

I agree with Heidi--that has to be the best score ever in the thrift hall of fame! Gorgeous! You and DH look spectacular as well. Love your gifts to the couple, very nice!

jen said...

That is so cool that she got such a great deal on a beautiful dress. Your gifts turned out lovely!