Thursday, October 30, 2008


"In the right light, at the right time, everything is extraordinary." (Aaron Rose)

I'm having trouble loading photos into Blogger. It keeps rotating them. So I posted a few of them through Flickr and it's causing some bugs too. Anyway, I wanted to show the cleaning/babyproofing/purging we did after everyone left from Sam's birthday/baptism weekend. We got a nice soft and big (9 x 12) carpet remnant for our living room for under $300 (and it's wool).

Before we had my smaller (6 x 9) rug from India (see "Before" photo below), which I wanted to save from spit-up. We had already gotten rid of one table to make some open space for Sam to crawl around and had laid down an old carpet with a quilt (made by my Aunt Pat) on it. We moved that old carpet into our kitchin to protect Sam's head from the hard tile. It's ugly but it does the trick.

We also got rid of the coffee table (already a replacement to my Sticks one, which is in storage till the kids are older) and a Tiffany-style lamp that was broken. Also in the trip to Salvation Army went my husband's stereo, which took up half of our armoir, with a woofer that was about two feet cubed. All that empty space is now toy storage. We now have so much more room for Sam to play and for us to get on the floor with him. And the decluttered look helps my sanity!

Sam with his birthday balloon: Before (above) and after (below). Nice shots of Aunt Pat's quilt, too!

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Lucy said...

The decluttering will go on until the wee one is about :) Even then, you'll probably be doing sock pick up and towel on the bathroom floor duty.

Your baby is just too cute! I am so happy for you :)