Sunday, October 05, 2008

Busy weekend

It's been a busy weekend here at the Schlumpf-Butler household. Sam continues to get used to his new surroundings. His schedule is getting more regular, but unfortunately it includes only very short naps (usually about a half hour). He is sleeping pretty well at night, although it can take a long time to get him down.

He attended his first birthday party--for our friend Lincoln, who turned 2, on Saturday morning. It was a great party, outdoors on a sunny day, with about 20 people. There were Bloody Mary's for the adults and an Elmo cake for the kids. Sam especially loved the balloons.

Sam has been eating solid food, too. In addition to the yogurt mixed with rice cereal, we also added sweet potatoes yesterday and he loved them. He likes to feed himself and puts the spoon in his mouth. I love messy kid-eating photos. Look at those hands!

On Sunday our friends John and Leigh Ann visited with their daughter Josephine, who is one month younger than Sam. Sam was even a bit taller than Jovie. She was wearing this adorable sweater I knit her when she was first born. She looks so girly-girl in it. I think Sam and Jo-Jo will be good friends.


Di said...

It sounds like the ideal weekend! Mine also included a little baby time - my friends were both sick and asked me to take their 7 month old for a few hours so they could get some sleep - we hung out in the book store reading Meg and Mog and then I walked in the park whilst he slept....

Pat K said...

Congratulations on your family addition!!

mariannealice said...

Hi Heidi
I have a small present for Sam...can you let me know where to send it?

catieann said...

oh heidi
those are great photos. Sam lookes like he is having great fun!
Jo Jo's sweater is darling on her!!

hmmm half hour naps make for tired mommy. I bet he will ease in to longer naps as time goes on or one long nap.
i smile every time I visit your site.

Cathy said...

Oh happy family! Congratulations on bringing Sam home!

Now, as to the 'other request'...*ahem*...hehehe...if you can email a clear picture of the symbol..I'll see what I can do! Consider it my gift in honor of the big welcome home party for Sire Sam! (bruinmom99 ( @ )yahoo ( . )com)...I'm so happy for you all!