Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Nanny gifts

"We must not only give what we have, we must give who we are." (Desire-Joseph Mercier)

For our adoption of Sam, we brought gifts for those who helped facilitate the procedure in Vietnam. Most important were the gifts for the 23 nannies who cared for our son the first 10 months of his life. I knew I wanted to do something handmade but wasn't sure what. So first I hand-painted the gift bags for their gifts. I stamped flowers and polka dots on them.

Then I made felt violet pins (The violet is the state flower of Illinois, which I meant to explain in a translated card, but never got around to that.) I used a purple felted sweater and cut out two petal pieces, embroidered them with lilac thread, then attached them with a yellow button. Finally I added the green leaves and a pin on the back. I know they probably have no idea what they are or that I made them, but it was important for me to include a piece of me in their gifts.

To see the entire gift bag, see this post on our adoption blog (which is where we're putting the cute Sam photos.)


catieann said...

oh heidi what a special gift for all of them. I know they truly appreciated them. How kind and thoughtful of you.

Its_Lily said...

What a great gift for the nannies. So thoughtful.