Monday, December 01, 2008


"No one is as capable of gratitude as one who has emerged from the kingdom of night." (Elie Wiesel)

Need I say more? Happy belated Thanksgiving. We spent it with Ed's brother and sister-in-law and their 2-year-old in Kentucky. For more pix of that trip, see here.


Victoria said...

Wonderful quote.
LOVE love love the 2 photos.

Enid said...

fantastic family group. hope you get sleep soon

Anonymous said...

I'm so thankful for my nephew, Samuel Dieu! I hope I see you tomorrow! Love, Auntie Amy

Heidi of Everyday Cookies said...

Beautiful family! Smiles!

Hugs, Heidi

(I read that book years ago...)

Sarah and Jack said...

Happy Holidays Heidi! I miss your blogging voice. :-)

Sue said...

Happy new year, Heidi! I hope you and your family are well and enjoying all of God's many blessings.