Monday, January 19, 2009

Why I've been AWOL

"Even after all this time, the Sun never says to the Earth, 'You owe me.' Look what happens with a love like that. It lights the whole sky." (Hafiz)

One word: Sam. Those of you who have written to ask if I'm still alive correctly guessed that I've been a little overwhelmed with the new baby. He is doing wonderfully, seems well attached and is healthy and thriving. His parents--not so much. We love him to death, but the sleep deprivation was really severe there for awhile. He had gotten used to co-sleeping with me, so I was bearing most of it, though thank God Ed was home most days to let me get some naps.

Well, now I am back at work, teaching two nights a week, so Sam had to learn to go to bed with Daddy. It was pretty traumatic, but I think things are getting a little better. He now goes almost four hours between bottles at night, though he still sometimes wakes up very frequently (every half hour or hour) to be soothed. We have introduced the pacifier (thanks, Amy!) and that seems to be helping. He also is sleeping in the crib for the beginning of the night.

Now that Ed and I are sharing the sleep deprivation, it doesn't seem as bad. I get a good night's sleep three nights a week (before and after teaching) and Ed gets to sleep the night before he works as a substitute teacher. The other nights we sleep with him together. Of course, it doesn't help that it's been COLD here in Chicago and we have a bit of cabin fever from being cooped up in the house, too.

Anyway, enough about our sleep troubles. To any of my readers who have stuck with me these past two months with no posts, I do hope to post again somewhat regularly about knitting and crafts. Believe it or not, I actually did do some knitting for Christmas! I'll do a little Christmas catch-up in the next few posts.

Meanwhile, here are two cute pictures of the little guy. He has such a happy little personality, and Ed and I are just in awe that we have this amazing little boy to care for. We're trying to see this difficult time as an investment in his attachment needs and future mental health. He's "this close" to walking on his own and really babbling now. His first words (in addition to Mama and Dada) are "cup" and "hop."


robiewankenobie said...

Heckfire, it's been so long since I've checked in over here that I didn't even know about Sam! Congrats! Sleep deprivation really is the most difficult part of those early years. M kids are still horrible sleepers. I'd tell you how old they are, but I don't want to discourage you. did you like Lexvegas? I'll give you a virtual internets stylee wave nex time you visit.

roseylittlethings said...

So good to see you back in blog land! Sam is so adorable!

Renee said...

Know that I'm in sleep-deprivation solidarity with you, Heidi. Hang in there!I love your photo of Sam.

Di said...

I am so glad that you are surviving!! It sounds prrety tough - there's nothing I like better than a good night's sleep! I am sure that things will continue to improve. He is just the cutest!!

Lucy said...

I hope the sleep deprivation comes to an end soon...I know how you feel, my kids had a hard time with sleeping too and I tried everything. Pacifers were a life saver for me. Try also putting him to bed even earlier than you have been, my Mom suggested this to me as she thought perhaps my wee one kept waking up because he was overtired if that makes sense. On the positive note, Sam is a beautiful child :)

catieann said...

hi heidi!!
I haven't been around much the past four to five months. I have thought of you frequently. Sam is so beautiful.
I am so sorry your having sleep deprivation. I tell my grown children with their new ones that
they will only be sleep deprived until the kids leave home.!
kidding of course.
Have you tried just before bed warm baths as well as the pacifier?