Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

"We can only learn to love by loving." (Irish writer Iris Murdoch)

Sam's first craft project! While Daddy was sleeping yesterday morning, I got out the construction paper and paint and made this Valentine with his cute little handprints. Daddy loved it. That's the extent of the Valentine celebration around here. Ed did give me a nice card and some heart peeps, but we have no romantic outing planned for today or tonight. Instead I have 16 Cross-Cultural Communication research papers to read and grade. Fun!

We're also saving our pennies for a trip to Phoenix to visit my parents during my spring break. We're already dreaming of sitting by the pool (make that: chasing Sam around the pool). Grandma and Grandpa were here on Monday and got a taste of Sam's insatiable appetite for books these days. Seriously, he wants you to be reading him one (usually the same one over and over again) CONSTANTLY. And he's become rather whiny about it. We wanted out kids to be big readers, but this is ridiculous.

His other favorite toy is this big cardboard box, in which our new stereo system came. We finally upgraded from Ed's college stereo which took up half our armoire, not to mention the three-foot speakers. You can see Sam got his big-boy haircut and looks so grown up now!

No chocolate or flowers here today but lots of gratitude for those we love and who love us. Happy Valentine's Day!

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katie said...

Congratulations on successfully crafting with the little one! The card is adorable, as are the photos.