Sunday, February 01, 2009


"Chaos can release your creative power in the same way that necessity is the mother of invention. When things get extreme, when the old ways don't work, that's when you are your most inventive. If you want to grow, chaos is an indispensable part of the process." (Margaret Wheatley)

Lots of chaos around here lately. I've got three freelance writing projects on my plate, on top of the heaviest teaching load I've had since I started teaching. And of course, there's the baby. Most days I feel pretty overwhelmed. But I believe some growth will come out of the chaos. Some of the old ways of doing things just aren't working anymore. So I'm trying to learn new ones.

One person who is helping me try to find new ways is my friend Kristin. And this scarf is for her son, Lincoln. It's a belated Christmas gift that I just finished this past weekend. The knitting part has been done for awhile, but I had to go buy googly eyes and sew the little felt tongue on. The pattern is from here, and I learned about it from Jen at Rosey Little Things. I used two strands of Galway wool, rather than a chunky yarn and my bamboo size 11 needles.

I'm reknitting the Notre Dame dishcloth one more time to make sure it's correct before publishing so it might take awhile. I've got a birthday scarf to finish first. And lots of papers to grade.


Di said...

Love the scarf - very cute! I am glad that you are still finding some time for creativity (apart from your writing of course) in the midst of all the madness!!

roseylittlethings said...

It came out soo cute. Knitting helps me de stress when I feel overwhelmed, hopefully it is helping you too:)

Heidi said...

how cute and clever! I bet that little one will love it. :)

Adrienne said...

What an awesome and adorable little snake! I'm glad you're still finding time to knit even in the middle of all the chaos (I myself haven't touched yarn for over 2 weeks). =)