Thursday, April 09, 2009

A tisket, a tasket...

"Ordinary vision would stand at the foot of the cross and say, 'This is the end.' Only the eyes of faith could take in that scene and say, 'This is the beginning.'" (Baptist pastor Kenneth Chapin)

... a green and yellow basket! I'm so excited I actually have a creative project to share. A year ago I bought a perfect "old lady" sweater with green and yellow flowers on it from the thrift store for felting. Sometimes designs in wool sweater felt well, and sometimes they don't. This one did, and I was sure it would be perfect for some springy project. I just wasn't sure what. I thought about a purse, but then I have so many purses.

Last week the idea of an Easter basket came to me. I cut the felt for the bottom and sides (the top edge is the bottom of the sweater), then lined it with a yellow gingham sheet stiffened with interfacing. The handle uses the sweater's flower motifs, and is handsewn around a coat hanger and handsewn onto the basket (before I attached the lining). The handle is a little wobbly. I think if I had had the handle go all the way down to the bottom, it would have been sturdier.

A close-up of the flowers. I love this basket and may make others some day, if I find the right sweaters. This one was done with a few minutes grabbed a couple days this week (when I should have been doing our taxes).

Sam knew exactly what to do with it! I can't wait till he has his first egg hunt. (It was warm enough to be out on the porch in shorts this morning. Hallelujah!)

My favorite photo of him these days, taken this afternoon by Ed in the park (when it got a bit cooler). That adorable hat is from his godmother, Auntie Trish. He's turning into such a little boy.

For those who celebrate it, I hope you have a holy celebration of Easter. Lent was hardly on my radar this year, but I can certainly relate to Easter's celebration of new life. In the church I grew up in, Easter was a bigger deal than Christmas. I can't believe I'm finally celebrating Easter with a child. Miracles do happen!


Sarah and Jack said...

The basket is gorgeous Heidi! And big enough to be useful for a long time. Jack's first basket was too small already last year. :-(

Happy Easter!

Heidi said...

That basket is amazing! What ingenuity and creativity--it never would have occurred to me that I could make a basket out of a sweater. Wow--it looks great! Sam will have such fun filling it with eggs. :)

Happy Easter!

roseylittlethings said...

What a great job, I love it!!! Have a happy first Easter as a family!

Adrienne said...

What an awesome and creative idea! I love it.
Have a lovely Easter!

Rebecca said...

I love it! And what a wonderful heirloom to pass through the years! :)