Friday, May 15, 2009

Obama drama at ND

"There are two kinds of people in the world, Notre Dame lovers and Notre Dame haters. And, quite frankly, they're both a pain in the ass." (Former ND Football Coach Dan Devine)

Is anyone tired of hearing about the Obama/Notre Dame graduation controversy yet? It's such a tired old story to begin with... Well, I'll be there on Sunday, covering it for the National Catholic Reporter. Any excuse to go see Obama in person! Here's my take on it in a blog post on the new NCR Today blog, which launched this week. I'll be blogging regularly there too. (in my spare time. Right.)

Anyhoo, coincidentally, as part of a clean-out-the-craft-clutter spring cleaning, I decided to finish this waste canvas cross stitch sweatshirt I started approximately 10 years ago--and have carted from apartment to condo to condo. As you can see, it's the ND logo. And FINALLY, to celebrate ND's commencement, I will post the ND dishcloth pattern tomorrow (assuming there's enough sunlight to take a decent photo.)

Happy belated Mother's Day to everyone. I posted about my first Mother's Day on our adoption blog (plus there are some more photos of Sam there.) I decided I needed to get moving on introducing Sam to crafts, so he/we did fingerpainting last week, then I cut the masterpiece up and made Mother's Day cards for his grandmothers and godmothers.

Here we are on Mother's Day (observed), which was Monday, since I had to attend my university's graduation all day Sunday. Ed and Sam took me to my favorite Ethiopian restaurant. It's such an honor to be this little boy's "mama." Most days I can't believe it's true!

Watch the NCR website and blog late Sunday and Monday f you want to follow my coverage of the Obama drama.

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Sarah and Jack said...

Happy First Mother's day to you mama!

(and how exciting to get see Obama speak at ND. Jealousy here.)