Monday, June 01, 2009

Won't you be my neighbor?

"Love your neighbor as yourself." (Jesus)

For living in a big city like Chicago, we have been incredibly lucky with super friendly neighbors. First, we had our friends John and Leigh Ann who lived below us (still close even though they live a mile away now). And now we have Andy and Michelle who live next door and share our porch. Every morning Sam goes over to their door and waves hello, even if they're not home. They are the sweetest couple, even if they are 20 years younger than us! We often sit outside with a drink at night, I can borrow anything from them, and Andy joins us for dinner when we make something good.

Andy and Michelle are getting married 4th of July weekend, and Saturday was the wedding shower. I made Michelle an apron to match her kitchen towels and oven mitt. Andy was actually over having dinner and watching hockey the night I made it but he acted surprised at the shower, which was an exceptionally nice, sit-down luncheon thing at a golf course. I modeled this apron on the last one I made and used a hand-printed dish cloth from the thrift (50 cents) and a scrap of brown linen-like fabric (washable, though). The back is green tiny gingham check from a pillowcase.

I asked Sam to model it but he kept taking off! He doesn't sit still much these days. Which means I won't have much time to make myself an apron, though I'd like to.


Di said...

The apron is great - but good neighbours even better!

Love that Sam won't stand still! Keeping you on your toes!!

Heidijayhawk said...

love the pic of sam! looks like ones of my kids at that age...running in the other direction! love the apron!

roseylittlethings said...

Turned out super cute! Love the pic of Sam walking away, he he!