Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Felt birthday crown

"Complete possession is proved only by giving. All you are unable to give possess you." (Andrew Gide)

My favorite gift to Sam on his birthday was this birthday crown I made from felt from recycled sweaters. I'd seen these throughout blogland and wanted to start the tradition with our family. I also wanted decorations that weren't plastic and covered with characters marketing to children. I know it's the thing to have theme parties these days (Thomas the Tank, Elmo, etc.). I know our kids will insist on that someday, but for now the theme is just "birthday."

I used this tutorial from Frontier Dreams and went with a sun/moon/stars theme and used all my bright colors from my stash (now organized in a dresser in my new craft room. Pictures of that soon!) I blanket stitched around the shapes and to hold the outside and inside together.

My favorite part is the fabric-covered elastic in the back. It makes the whole thing look so neat and finished. Also notice that I went with the initial "S" instead of spelling out "Sam" so that Sophie can use it too. Good thinking, huh?

I was afraid Sam might not want to wear it so we practiced a few days before and he loved it. When he wore it around the party, everyone thought he was so cute. The perfect little birthday boy.

One more birthday craft to share tomorrow.


Di said...

Happy birthday to Sam! I love the crown and yes the dual initial thing will come in useful! I have the same initials as my brother too......

rhymeswithspoon said...

Happy Birthday Sam!

(And what a beautiful quote. Thanks for sharing.)

Frontier Dreams (Nicole) said...

It came out so sweet! I love it! Thank you so much for sharing it! I am e-mailing you ;)