Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Baby's room before

"Quakers call the presence of the Holy Spirit working within us a 'sifting silence.' It separates the worthwhile from the worthless." (J. Brent Bill)

I can't believe we've lived in our house for almost four months before even attempting any home improvements. Yes, we had the floors sanded and varnished before we moved in. But we haven't even painted a wall. Well, while my sister's family watched Sam last weekend, we finally started the redo on his room (soon-to-be his and Sophie's).

There's not a ton to do in there, but here's my to-do list:

1. Remove peeling pink wallpaper on two walls
2. Have walls "skim-coated" with plaster; also the ceiling
3. Paint walls green (same color as nursery in our condo; it matches the rug) and ceiling white
4. Paint baseboard and other trim white
5. Add crown moulding and picture hanger moulding; paint white
6. Eventually have second door (to kitchen) closed off

7. Replace old light fixture (cute and vintage though it is) with ceiling fan (we have no AC)
8. Rewire the room (part of whole house rewiring) and add outlet

9. Replace curtains with white wood blinds

One thing we've already done: bought gorgeous solid oak bunk beds on Craigslist. Sam's been in a big-boy bed since after Christmas, but he still doesn't sleep through the night. Now one of us is in his bed, instead of vice versa.

Next: photos of the wallpaper stripping.

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