Wednesday, January 13, 2010


"Where there is great love, there are always miracles." (Willa Cather)*

No, not that kind of stripping--wallpaper stripping. Here are some photos from our wallpaper stripping project in the baby's room last weekend. I excitedly started with my spray bottle of non-toxic fabric softener and a putty knife early in the morning, thinking I'd have this wrapped up by afternoon. Not.

Once I got underneath a section of the pink (itself at least a few decades old), I discovered another layer, a nice burgundy floral. I'm not sure how old that was.

Underneath that were some pretty yellow roses on a tan/greyish background.

Not done yet. Here you can see the fourth and final layer: a light green texture.


Things went a lot quicker once Ed joined me with a razor scraper.

Ah, finally--clean plaster walls. you can't tell from this photo but they are in awful condition. Lots of holes and cracks. So the next step is to get a professional plasterer to fix them up so we can paint. We also removed the thin, cheap trim at the ceiling. We plan to put up crown moulding--the kind you can hang pictures from, so we don't have to put too many holes in the plaster. The other two walls must have been stripped and replastered when they put in the new windows. Thank God. Two walls were enough!

Unfortunately, we're in the middle of a little unplanned renovation this weekend--a new toilet. More about that later.

*Praying for miracles in Haiti--and donating to Catholic Relief Services. I have first-hand experience with CRS in India and Ethiopia. They do great work.


Sarah and Jack said...

This does not look like a fun job. Ugh, bringing back wallpaper stripping nightmares and yours is a lot worse than ours was! LOL

kevin said...

First time we've seen Ed get plastered:-)

We've never removed wallpaper in our house. We hung up wallpaper once and agreed that for the sake of our marriage we would never do it again.

Sounds like the toilet replacement was a crappy experience.


Monica said...

oh Heidi, what a nightmare!

(we had one of those unplanned toiletter renovations too!)