Monday, January 04, 2010

Vintage Christmas (50% off)

"The great problem is bringing life back into the wasteland, where people live inauthentically." (Joseph Campbell)

Although there are TONS of great thrift shops in Chicago, I tend to go to two: the Salvation Army on Broadway and Montrose, and the Village Discount Outlet on Lawrence and Kimball. The Village has sales on most holidays--50% off the whole store. Unfortunately, I'm usually busy doing some fun holiday stuff and can't hit the store. But not this New Year's Day.

I haven't posted any thrift scores in ages, in part because I had cut back on thrifting in the months before our move--and when I did go, it was for wool sweaters for felting or kids clothes. But now that I have a big (relatively--to us) house, I can get a few treasures. Here's what I got for 50% off on New Year's.

First, the Christmas stuff: a vintage Rudoph Golden Book (20 cents), a handmade (but probably not too old) quilted tree hanging (about placemat size and 40 cents), and...

and this quilt, which is so soft that I bought it even though I'm not much into geese. Or is it a swan? It's about crib size and was 90 cents.

Onto non-Christmas vintage. This tablecloth has a few stains on the white edge, but I lvoe the yellow/gold polka dot center. It was 90 cents.

This picnic basket matches one I got last year, though this one doesn't seem old (maybe it's just in great condition.) It was $1.50 and is already full of yarn, just like its mate.

An Irish linen tea towel, 45 cents.

Here's a close-up of the saying.

And a few baby/kid clothes, mostly for Sophie. I love the burgandy corduroy skirt with ball fringe and yarn flower. The striped dress (with leaves for trim) is Gymboree. And the pink boots! So cute. Just plain green cords for Sam. All dirt cheap.

And of course about a dozen wool and cashmere sweaters for felting.

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