Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Airplane knitting

"Do not memorize anything that can be looked up; save the mind for creativity." (Albert Einstein)

It seems so long ago that we left for China--it was only a month, but our world has changed since then. It was so hard to say goodbye to Sam, who stayed with my sister and her family while we were gone. Once we were on the plane, though, it was nice to have 13 uninterrupted hours to myself, even if it was in coach!

I got out my airplane knitting, a sock on thin plastic needles (just in case, because you never know what the knitting needles rules are in other countries), which I keep in this cute bag my mom gave me. This sock is just a plain one, but knit with this (cotton) yarn that makes a pattern that kind of looks fair isle-ish, which my mom bought me at the Rosemont knitting convention a few years ago.

Before this trip, I had done the ribbing, On this trip, I turned the heel and almost got to the toes. Of one sock. Sigh.

Movies to knit by: The in-flight selections weren't the best, but I did watch a few, including Bright Star, the love story about Keats. Also, The Boys are Back, about a sportswriter who raises his sons after his wife dies (this did not help with missing Sam). Then I watched the first part of the National Parks documentary, which was excellent.

I also started (and finished while in China) John Irving's A Prayer for Owen Meany, which was recommended by my friend D'Arcy. What an excellent book! Here's an interesting article about it on salon, and a reader's guide here.

It will probably be a long time before I get to read a book for pleasure again!

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Anonymous said...

I did airplane knitting on the way back from Chicago to Phoenix. Finisshed the second sock, now only have to knit the first sock!

Love, Mom