Saturday, April 10, 2010

China stash

"A child's life is like a piece of paper on which every person leaves a mark." (Chinese proverb)

So here's my wooly loot from China. I bought some red washable wool to make a sweater for Sophie. On trip #2 to the yarn store, I added some black. The plan is to knit Sophie a Chinese-style sweater in red with black trim.

This is some super soft orange wool (it's not as bright as it looks in this photo--more of a "pumpkin" color.) I bought enough to make an adult-sized sweater for myself, according to the shop clerk. But later I realized this would be perfect for the Hex Coat by Nora Gaughan that I wanted to knit for myself. Thanks to Ravelry, I could look it up back at our hotel room, return to the yarn store the next day and get enough for the sweater/coat. (That's when I got the black, too.) I think I paid about $30 for all of this--all three colors!

For the orange, red and black, I had asked for "cashmere," but not sure what got lost in the translation. Then, in a second yarn shop, our guide pointed out that this yarn was the very best from a special animal in the mountains. I assume that it's cashmere. I bought a box of the red for my mom. (Even this was only about $20.)

It came in this fancy box and with some matching thread. I have no idea what that animal is on the front. If anyone can read Chinese, feel free to fill me in!

I also bought some buttons at a little button stand. These are all just cheap plastic buttons, but I thought they were cute. If  I had known I was going to buy orange yarn, I would have gotten orange squares instead of purple. I think these cost a total of about a dollar.


Di said...

Looks like some great loot! And I love the hex jacket.

Rebecca said...

Cool! I love the way the orange came boxed, so cute. What a fun souvenir.

Meaghan said...

adorable buttons! what a deal!

Susan said...

animal on the bag looks like a ferret but could be a mink