Thursday, May 20, 2010

No-cost guest room

"Do one scary thing every day." (Eleanor Roosevelt)

We're finally starting to tackle some projects in our house, mainly work on the kids' room. I'll report more about that later, as it's still ongoing. My goal is to have it done before I got back to work, which is the first week of June.

In the meantime, I decided to create a guest room, since we've had two sets of grandparents visit their new granddaughter. There was a section of the basement that was "quasi-finished"--not fully finished (with the pine paneling, etc.) but not totally unfinished. The walls, ceiling and floor were painted, and there was a ceiling light fixture (fluorescent, but at least not a bare bulb). The realtor said the former owner used to do some typing work down here.

After tons of reorganizing, I had emptied the room. Then I put out a call on Facebook to see if anyone we knew had an extra bed. A friend of a friend's dad had died (not in the bed!) and was cleaning out his house. So we got a fairly new full-sized mattress and box spring. I enclosed the mattress in plastic, then put our nice Calvin Klein linens on it (no use having them on our bed when it's full of kids). Underneath are two rugs that are not nice enough for upstairs but do the trick here. Two little sidetables and a lamp, and voila!

Then, in a stroke of genius, I got out the curtains I made for our old bedroom and used them to cover the back wall--and to block the room off from the rest of the basement (and the hot water heater). It really makes it cozy in there. It's a bit chilly, but the down comforter is warm--and all of our parents said it was OK.

Sam has slept down there while we were replastering and painting his room. And I think it will be the coolest place to sleep in the summer.

The best part? I didn't spend a penny. Which means we have more for the kids' room ... and the kitchen ... and the bathroom ... and the upstairs  ...


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Anonymous said...

I loved sleeping down there. It was QUIET. It was also a good escape and the bathroom is close by. It was very cozy.

Love, Mom

Mo said...

I came across your blog for the first time today and have so enjoyed it.
I love the many quotes, have already copied from Romero, Buber and Henri Nouwen.
Cold and wet here in Dunedin, New Zealand but just right for knitting.
Hope everything is good where you are:)

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