Friday, June 25, 2010

Watermelon pickles

"Remember, the bread you meet each day is still rising. Don't scare the dough." (Macrina Wiederkehr) 

Now that we have a garden and a house in which to store canned goods, I can't wait to "put up" a bunch of food this summer. I started with watermelon pickles. These are made from the rinds of watermelon you have already eaten, so really a great opportunity to make something out of nothing (or at least out of something you would probably throw away.)

I remember eating these growing up; they are a sweet pickle. But I always thought the recipe was my Grandma Werrell's (Mom's side) but it's my Grandma Doris' (Dad's side.) My sister made some a few years ago and I learned from her mistake. You have to use a potato peeler to remove the hard, green part of the rind first.

Here's the recipe (don't be afraid just because it starts, "Day 1")"
Watermelon Pickles
Day 1: Cut rind from melon, cut into pieces and cover with water. Boil until melon can be pierced easily with fork. Drain. Mix 7 c. sugar, 1 pint vinegar (I used the pint canning jar to measure) and 1/4 tsp. each oil of cinnamon and oil of cloves. (My sister bought this at an old-fashioned drug store). Bring to a boil and pour over melon. Refrigerate.
Day 2: Drain syrup; bring to a boil and pour over melon. Refrigerate again.
Day 3: Same as Day 2.
Day 4: Bring melon and syrup to a boil. Pack pickles and syrup into jars. Process and seal for canning. (I just followed the directions on the canning lid box.) I boiled for 5 minutes and all the jars "pinged" within a few minutes of removal.

I used about half of the rind from one of those smaller, seedless watermelons, which made about 6 small jars (pints and jelly jars) and seemed to be about right for the amount of syrup. I tasted one and they are yummy. Just like I remember!

Anyone else ever made or eaten these pickles? Next: jelly with raspberries from our own bushes!


Anonymous said...

Hope I get to try some! I have your b'day gift at my house. I can bring it to AU next time you're here.--Amy

Renae said...

I was just surfing and found your blog.

If you are really interested in canning you should check out the Ball Canning website.

You can get on their e-newsletter list, once a month they send out new recipes, etc.

They have just about any and everything you'd want for canning.

I've never had watermelon pickles, but I'm not a pickle fan in general myself. But I do love to can lots of other things.


Anonymous said...

I can almost taste them! Isn't it strange that I can't stand the taste, sight or smell of watermelon, but love watermelon pickles? I think I will make some if I can find someone to eat a watermelon. Did you have help from Sam and Sophie?

Love, Mom