Sunday, July 11, 2010

Cutest. Dress. Ever.

"The secret of patience... to do something else in the meantime." (Anon.) 

This is a very special dress--for a very special little girl. Our friends are in the process of adopting from Nepal, and about a year into it, the process has not been smooth. The mother-to-be just got back from a visit to Nepal, where she stayed in a few ashrams and unfortunately contracted Typhoid. She's all better now, and back to waiting for news of a referral.

The dress is the Soli pattern (ravelry link here). I knit the Size 4 with Patons Grace on Size 7 needles, so it wouldn't get too dense and heavy. I love the pink/brown combo and the seed stitch top (make that: I love the look of seed stitch; I hate knitting it.) The skirt is a ton of stockinette. 
The flowers were my own design element. I used this easy flower pattern from "For the Love of Yarn," an online knitting 'zine that is no longer published but still up. 

I learned to do something new with this project: CROCHET! The pattern calls for single crocheting around the armholes and neckline, which I was going to skip, until I read a Ravelry comment that warned not to, otherwise the neckline will stretch horribly. So I followed an online video, and did it! I don't think I"ll be taking up crochet anytime soon, though. I have a hard time with the tension.

Now, back to praying that our friends get a referral soon--and that it's a girl! (I started this back in December for her shower; they've since changed their paperwork to say they're open to either gender.)

This has to be one of the cutest things I've ever knit. I know another little girl one would so adorable on. And I have some yarn left...


Di said...

It is really cute! I am trying to teach myself to crochet - not the easiest and I'm left handed so it makes all the diagrams a little weird!

Rebecca said...

It's gorgeous! I, of course, love that color combo. :) Keep at the crochet, I promise you it's much easier than knitting!

Good luck to your friends!

Anonymous said...

Yay to you, Heidi, for trying your hand at crocheting! I just finished another baby gift for some friends in SB who adopted a baby about a month ago. I'm excited to go drop off the homemade crocheted gift tomorrow. Can't wait to see Sophie in that dress. :)

xo Kristi

NessaKnits said...

That dress looks like marshmellows and hot chocolate. Lovely.