Saturday, November 20, 2010

Yes, I can!

 "Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower." (Albert Camus) 

Wow, I can't believe it's been almost three months since I've posted to this poor, neglected blog. That would be when the new semester began and my life got crazy busy with teaching, writing and of course trying to keep up with the kid and things at home. There has been precious little crafting, but plenty of food preservation going on here.

Today I:

  1. Made applesauce with apples from our Indiana apple picking adventure. I canned four pints and had some leftover for the kids to eat today. This was my second batch this week, so we now have 8 pints of applesauce in the basement.
  2. While I had the canner going, I skinned, chopped and canned a pint of tomatoes. I had a TON of green tomatoes at the end of the season. They're in paper bags trying to ripe, but I'm not having much luck.
  3.  Except with the cherry tomatoes, which are ripening nicely. I dried a batch of those in the oven today. I think I've done about 5-6 batches of these this fall. They're yummy. Can't wait to put them in salads, on pizza, in spaghetti sauce. 
  4. Chopped, cooked and pureed two small pie pumpkins--froze half the puree and made a pumpkin pie out of the other half. Pumpkin seeds are soaking and reading for drying/baking tomorrow. 

Whew! I was on a mission. And I still have several pumpkins left and a bunch of apples that I think I'll try freezing. I had food preservation on the brain, because I recently wrote a column about it for National Catholic Reporter. I'll link to it once it's online.

I have done a little bit of knitting and have just started some Christmas crafting, so will try to do a little catch-up and get back in the habit of blogging. Although I'm not posting, I'm still out there reading (a bit). It's the only relaxing thing I do to unwind after a long, tiring day.

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Di said...

Hello! Good to see you here and all those lovely canned and pickled goods. I hope the kids are well!