Monday, December 20, 2010

Handmade Holiday #1

"Not only is the Bible extensive in its teaching on wealth and poverty, but it is uncomfortably clear and plain. There is not the ambiguity and complexity that one finds in some other subjects ... The Bible is clearly and emphatically on the side of the poor."  (Bob Sabath)

Although I have little time for crafting--between a full-time job, freelance writing and two toddlers--I am still committed to making as many gifts as possible. Not only is it more meaningful and economical, but I am trying to be more committed to not buying into (pun intended!) the whole commercial culture of stuff and more stuff. So it's even better when I can make something out of something that would otherwise end up in a landfill.

One of my favorite media is felt from recycled sweaters, of course. And I've wanted to make some coffee cozies for a long time. It's a double environmental whammy because then you don't have to use a disposable paper one. I had the idea to make some with the ND logo for my South Bend friends. I was initially going to embroider it, but then decided to go with felt applique. I just used a paper cozy as the pattern, cut the outside, navy felt with pinking shears, stitched on the gold felt and appliqued the ND logo, which I had cut from navy felt.

Here's one being modeled on a Packer cup. Now I just have to make one for myself. I always forget to do that!

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