Monday, February 28, 2011

February Lady Sweater in February

"Be gentle. Every person you know is fighting a terrible battle." (Ancient Greek saying)
I did actually finish the February Lady Sweater by the end of February. here it is unblocked. This photo shows the color more accurately than the others.
I ended up doing 20 repeats of the Gull lace pattern for the body, and 20 repeats for the sleeves, since I wanted them to be long, not 3/4ish. I also decreased the sleeves a bit so they wouldn't be so wide, and made the button band wider, so it was the same width as the lower edge.

I also have a little boo-boo on one sleeve. I had noticed that the lace pattern was wrong and ripped it back and redid it, but it turned out wrong again in two repeats. I have no idea what I did, and of course, wouldn't you know, it's on the front of the sleeve. Oh, well, that's what makes it handmade. I'm sure most non-knitters won't notice.

You can also see a little bump above the bust in this photo, but that came out in the blocking. The sweater seems to fit well over a T-shirt. Now I just need to add buttons. I have this idea to make some wooden ones out of a stick. Kind of like these. Unfortunately that creative idea will only delay the finishing even further--definitely into March!

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Rebecca said...

It looks fab! Only you will notice that mistake. :) I've been thinking about this pattern but I don't have much luck with adult sized clothes :)