Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Homemade Valentines

"Every child born has innate goodness." (Chinese proverb)

Still catching up... At 2 and 3, the kids are finally getting into doing crafty stuff. In fact, Sam is practically obsessed with building things with tape. Here are the Valentines we made this year. I bought foam rectangles, on which they glued hearts cut out of paper they had painted pink and red. Then I taped a chocolate to them.

These were for our Wiggleworms group, a little music "class" in our neighborhood, held in rotating people's homes. It's been really nice for meeting other moms of preschoolers. It was funny: we made a Valentine for each kid, but Sam also wanted to make one for Beth, one of the moms. I think he's a little sweet on her!

For Sam's preschool, we got out the construction paper and some pipe cleaners. Sam really loves to cut with the scissors. Sophie also helped out.

And I made little crayon hearts out of pink, purple and red crayon pieces (like these crayon cars from Sam's birthday two years ago) to tuck in with the preschool Valentines. I got the heart mold on 75% off clearance at Target last year. I picked up a few things on clearance this year, too, including some "ready-made" Valentines, but I hope we just use them in our homemade ones next year.

Next up: their crafty project for Daddy's birthday...

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