Saturday, June 30, 2012

More cotton knitting

I don't know what came over me: Right around the same time I was working  on the bath mitt teacher gifts, I cast on for Absorba, the Great BathMat, from Mason-Dixon Knitting.

Maybe it's summer that makes me want to knit with cotton. Or maybe it was the cleaning I've been doing in my craft room that made me want to knit up some of the cotton I've got in my stash. I used Cotton-Ease in Stone color, double stranded. I enjoyed learning how to do the log-cabin style (also used in the Mason-Dixon baby blanket).
*Doesn't it look nice against our vintage tile? Too bad we have an unfixable crack, so this tile will have to go eventually.
At least this pattern didn't have bobbles and was knit on huge needles (size 15s) so didn't hurt my hands as much as the bath mitts did. And it definitely got me ready to knit with some wool--even if it did top 100 degrees this week!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Knitted teacher gifts

The good news is that our kids got into the public preschool--not our neighborhood school, but one just one neighborhood over. This means they will both go to a half-day of preschool everyday AT THE SAME TIME. It will really make it easier for both my husband and me to get work done.
The bad news is that they will be leaving the coop preschool, which has been so great for them. Their teacher was such a model of patience, especially with Sam. We are so grateful that this was the first introduction to school for both of them. Although we contributed to a larger group gift for the teachers, I wanted to make something personal for the teachers and for the woman who works in the church office and has been so sweet to both of our kids.

I decided to knit this bath mitt (Mira's Bath Mitt, free pattern here, from Give It a Purl), which I have made before. I like the bobbles on it (for scrubbing) but they are a pain to knit, especially with cotton (because of the lack of stretch and "give" when knitting into the front and back so many times). I had one already knit up (the orange one) and made these two off-white ones with some Cottontots in my stash. The first one seemed a bit thin, so I used a double strand on the second one--which was even harder to knit with.
I paired each bath mitt with a fancy soap (actually made by low-income women here in Chicago). Then the kids stamped thank you cards and I wrote their messages on them. I didn't finish them in time for the last day of school, but delivered them during the church's Vacation Bible School, which the kids love. Here's a cute picture of Sam at VBS:

And a cute photo of Sophie to go with it. I think this is from a nature center hike with Daddy: